What is Free Energy?

What does the term “Free Energy” mean to people? Is it just a buzz word people use and does it have a clear meaning? Is it possible to give a clear and exact meaning to the term free energy?

First I feel that the thought of truly getting free anything rises big questions in people’s minds. Is there anything “FREE” in the world today? All the books and inventions promising ways to tap into free energy or techniques of tapping into free energy most don’t believe or even understand. Would the ability of being able to tap into free energy provide a sense of emotional freedom? Freedom from one of the big stresses in life today? Maybe…

A good example of people tapping into free energy is using the sun to heat their homes. In some cases people have used the earth it’s self to help control the temperature of buildings.

Another source of tapping into free energy is by using the wind to generate electricity or to pump water just to mention two. Wind has been used as an energy tapping technique for centuries.

So I have come to the conclusion that yes there is such a thing as “Free Energy” All you must do is fine energy tapping techniques and put them to use. With a little effort anyone is able to tap into free energy and cut energy costs.

Hope this is food for thought…