Tap Into Free Energy, Green Energy

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Lonnie here again. I thought I would continue my discussion on how to tap into free energy.

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but free energy in most cases can also be called Green Energy. That is because the means used to tap into free energy is clean and not harmful to the environment. Weather it is by using solar energy, wind energy, or something less obvious to most people, it is from a clean source and not destructive to our world.

That is because it is provided and produced naturally. By tapping into the free energy that is created by our environment we begin to exist in harmony with the world and creates a sense of emotional freedom as well.


Solar Power


Energy Tapping Information

There are several free energy technologies available today. I mentioned above solar energy for example.
This is a type of radiant energy. Radiant energy is abundant in the universe. It can be found almost everywhere and by tapping into this energy source can provide vast amounts of free and clean energy to be used by everyone. Energy created from a natural source that is not harmful but in harmony with the earth it’s self usually referred to as Green Energy. Solar Energy is produced through the use of solar panels. Solar panels are made up of silicon chips that collect the suns rays and generate electricity from it. The silicon chips are made from sand which we all no is very abundant.

By connecting these chips together enough electricity can be created to power an entire home and even more.


Wind Energy

Energy Tapping Information

Another free energy source is wind power. This is done by using the wind to turn a generator which outputs electrical power. This free energy system has become popular and is being used to a large degree now. Of course you are probably thinking that it is not free. In most cases to most people that may be true. But it can be if you make your own wind powered generator and not buy it from others.

That is your choice. Yeah I hear you, you think that it would be hard and expensive to make your own. That is not true. There is information available to anyone on how to do it and the cost is not all that much.

You might want to check out Green Power Easy


water generator

water generator

Energy Tapping Information

Yet another source of free clean energy is water. This has been used for years. I am sure you have visited a large dam somewhere. Inside the dam they place large generators and as the water flows controlled through the dam is both cools the generators and turns them creating electricity.

There are a lot of sources available today both online and in libraries that talk about how to tap into free energy. How to generate power with free energy technology that can provide all the power we need. Power that does not pollute the environment but is in harmony with it. Energy is all around use everywhere.

Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be redirected.

We as the people of this world need to start looking closer at what we are doing to it by the means we use to produce the majority of our energy today. We need to start using more means of supplying this energy through clean free energy technologies instead of continuing to use fiscal fuels that pollute our environment. Then that is just my own opinion but I hope more people start to agree and begin to tap into free energy.

These are but a few examples of how you can tap into free energy. Energy that is clean energy, green energy. Energy that is not harmful to the people and the environment.




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  1. Fillippe

    Rainwater adding to reirvs, streams increasing flow put water wheel/s to capture = yes, rain water has become a renewable (hydro)energy source.(Dams are not a good idea )Rainwater going into drains (tut tut) ditto that rainwater flows eventually into our mains water supply, which is pressured capture that energy and hey, you have another renewable energy source!Suprises me how many people discount water when assessing renewable energy / potential.There are other options too

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